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Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty)In its first earnings as a public company, Uber posted losses of $1…
Uber Lit $1 Billion on Fire Last Quarter Because That's What Uber Does []
Later in the article: "“Our story is simple: We’re the global player,” Khosrowshahi said. “We’re…
Uber reports a $1 billion loss in first quarterly earnings after IPO | Washington Post []
LOSSES OF $1 BILLION generally would be hailed as signs of a company in trouble, but this is…
Uber is still losing a whole lot of money []
Three weeks after staging one of the biggest tech IPOs in years, Uber…
Uber's First Earnings in Line With Wall Street's Forecasts []
Uber earned $3.1 billion but still ended up a staggering $1.01 billion in the hole in the…
Uber Lost $1 Billion in Just Three Months and Wall Street is Thrilled []

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