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• 따라서 검색 카테고리나 버티컬(뉴스, 동영상, 이미지,지도, 쇼핑, 금융 등)에 대해 텍스트만 표시하는 대신 텍스트 링크와 함께 귀여운 아이콘이 표시됩니다.
• 결과 페이지의 알약 모양 막대 아래에 9 개의 검색 필터에는 모두, 뉴스, 동영상,지도, 이미지, 쇼핑, 도서, 항공편 및 금융 아이콘이 표시됩니다.

Google began a Material Theme refresh of its desktop search UI last fall comprising…
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After a few months of testing it now appears Google has started rolling out the new search bar with…
Google launches new search menu with icons []
After a few months of testing, Google has officially launched the new icon based top menu…
Google Launches New Search Menu Bar With Icons []
Google’s new search bar interface is rolling out, as noticed by Search Engine Land yesterday.Now,…
Google's search page now has icons next to the categories []
Back in March, we spotted Google testing Material Theme icons for the various Search…
Google Search adds colorful Material Theme icons []

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