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• Scoot이 샌프란시스코에서 운영 할 수있는 라이센스를 갖고 있으며 Bird는 그렇지 않다는 사실을 파헤치면 두 회사를 쌓아 나가는 계산법이 더욱 합리적입니다.
• TechCrunch의 기사에 따르면 Uber는 Skip을 인수할 수 있다고합니다.

According to our friends at TechCrunch, scooter startup…
Scooter Consolidation May Finally Be Upon Us []
If you are among those who thought that the scooter market sounded a little overhyped and…
Sources: Bird is in talks to acquire scooter startup Scoot []
Fresh from launching a new electric moped service Tuesday, Bird Rides Inc. has acquired…
Report: Bird has acquired San Francisco-based e-scooter sharing service Scoot []

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