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• 적어도 하나의 LGBTQ + 옹호 단체 - 메릴랜드의 프라이드 재단 (Pride Foundation of Maryland)은 항의 시위로 YouTube 콘텐츠를 삭제했으며 다른 비영리 단체도 이를 따르도록 권장하고 있습니다.

YouTube's plan to fix hate speech failed before it even started []
After a lengthy period of opting not to take action, YouTube has de-monetized the account of…
YouTube Finally Punishes Steven Crowder For “Egregious,” Anti-Gay Shots At Vox Writer []
Google employees are taking to social media to protest their company's lack of action against a…
Google workers upset at YouTube for slow reaction to homophobic slurs []
Editor’s note: Drew is a geek who first worked at AOL when he was 16 years old and went on…
YouTube’s bully problems prove that community doesn’t scale []
The service said it had conducted a review of the videos…
YouTube declines to pull videos containing homophobic, racist attacks []
Right-wing YouTube host Steven Crowder doing a homophobic pantomime of Vox host Carlos…
YouTube: No, We Won't Remove These Videos of Racist, Anti-Gay Harassment Because It's Just 'Debating' []

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