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• 배낭에는 자체 배터리 충전기가 있지만 시스템 핫 스왑 기능을 실제로 사용하려면 두 번째 배터리 세트가 필요합니다.

Three years to the day (in certain timezones) after unveiling its first VR backpack at Computex…
HP has a new VR backpack []
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Does a VR headset still qualify as a standalone device if the…
HP's Revamped VR Backpack Delivers the Closest Thing to True VR Freedom Yet []
HP isn't new to portable VR rigs; its Omen X VR Desktop Backpack first saw daylight in 2017. …
HP's new VR Backpack is a mobile powerhouse that's ready for work []
Say what you want about VR in general, but backpack VR PCs for the average consumer…
HP Drops Omen Branding From New VR Backpack, Makes it More Powerful []
Again, the backpack is powered by laptop tech, but with an…
HP’s latest VR Backpack swaps gaming for the workplace []

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