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• WhatsApp와 Instagram이 포함 된 플랫폼에서 20 억 명이 넘는 사용자가 있으면 Facebook은 cryptocurrency를 주류로 삼아 중국 사이트에서 WeChat과 같은 미국 사이트를 금지 할 수 있습니다.

Forget about ‘Zuckbucks’ or ‘Facecoin,’ Facebook has officially announced GlobalCoin, the…
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Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is planning to release its cryptocurrency, internally called GlobalCoin, in…
Facebook will launch crypto in 2020 - BBC []
LONDON • Facebook has been in contact with United States and British financial regulators with a…
Facebook plans to launch cryptocurrency next year: Report []
When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, it was heralded as the digital currency that would make banks…
Is Facebook’s digital currency worth the hype? []
At long last, some of the world’s largest companies are delving into on crypto and related…
Novogratz: Facebook Integral To Crypto, Bitcoin Won't Get Hurt By "Globalcoin" []

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