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• 헤라클레스 캐피털 (Hercules Capital)로부터의 이번 일련의 부채에 의한 자금 조달은 FirstMark Capital, Rho Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, TransUnion 및 Silicon Valley Bank의 사전 투자에 이은 것입니다.

Dashlane, a popular password manager and all-round identity management solution, has raised…
Password manager Dashlane closes on $30M, adds former Spotify CMO to board []
Dashlane Inc., the maker of the hugely popular password manager of the same name, has…
With 10M+ users, password management startup Dashlane raises $30M round []
Dashlane, a password manager and identity management solution, announced it has raised $30 million…
Dashlane Raises $30M In New Funding []

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