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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way humans interact with devices. This connection is further enhanced by connecting humans and devices in the healthcare department. IoT’s interaction with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has quite certainly taken the world by storm.

The merger of IoT and AI has not only taken up the task of executing routine and tedious tasks in quick time, but it has also managed to find out ways that improve the output in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Right from manual works like data analysis to processing, IoT and AI seem to work it around quite well together.

IoT in Action in the Hospital Setup

Hospitals are acknowledging the endless benefits of the Internet of Things in healthcare and are thus finding means to incorporate it into everyday medical procedures. Major companies are also not shying away from investing in this venture, considering the promising future it holds in terms of revenue.

For instance, Microsoft has come up with Microsoft Azure cloud platform that aims to deliver cloud-based services to many sectors including healthcare. This is just one example of the incorporation of IoT-AI with healthcare. Companies like Philips, GE Healthcare, Cisco Systems, IBM Corporation, etc are not far behind when it comes to the Internet of things application in healthcare.

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IoT plays an important role in the healthcare industry, especially in the past couple of years. It optimize the whole workflow for healthcare organizations and patients. This guide will help you understand how IoT is improving healthcare.

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