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Have you harbored a dream of starting your restaurant? If yes then you would probably have all the plans in place and a host of ideas for making the business work.

However, the excessive investments involved have ensured that your intentions are yet to be put into action, haven’t they? We can hear a collective sigh in answer to this question, and most heads were nodding despondently in the affirmative. After all, dishing out the rent for the dining hall, purchasing expensive crockery and cutlery, spending a fortune on the decor, managing the salaries of a large staff; they all combine to take a massive financial toll on you. 

Most restaurateurs struggle to set their dream into motion. Of the ones that do, 26% fail in their very first year; primarily due to unmanageable expenses. The number would more than double itself if you extend the period to 5 years.

A decade or two ago, this statement would have sounded delusional. Today, the existence of the ghost restaurant model provides a tangible form to this solution. If you haven’t heard of a ghost restaurant, this read is bound to excite a few nerves!

What Is a Ghost Restaurant?

A ghost restaurant, also known as a virtual restaurant or delivery-only restaurant, is a 21st-century concept that attempts to deal with the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in starting a restaurant business. A ghost restaurant is a restaurant that strictly offers a delivery-only dining experience. Such a restaurant does not have a storefront. 

Customers can neither visit the virtual restaurant for a dine-in nor can they pick up their orders. Orders are collected through a website or an app, and the restaurant delivers the food to the customers via a third party delivery service.

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