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What Is Uber’s Business Model? How Uber Works? How Does Uber Make Money? What Is Uber’s Business Strategy? Why Is Uber so Successful?

These are some of the major questions any budding entrepreneur in the on-demand startup space would be curious about, before working on his/her own “Uber for X” business model.

And, rightly so.

Uber business model has turned out to be so successful and popular that it has fuelled a new startup economy, the “on-demand economy”.

Having a deeper understanding of Uber’s on-demand business model can play a pivotal role in modeling your own on-demand startup business idea.

As a leading on-demand startup technology development partner, we want to share this knowledge with you through this comprehensive blog post.

Uber’s Business Model – How Uber Works?

Uber is no longer just the on-demand cab hailing service we used to know. It has dipped its toes into other territories as well – from Uber Eats (on-demand food delivery) to Uber Freight (on-demand trucking).

For the matter of simplicity, in this blog, we will focus on Uber’s core business of ridesharing – it's business model and how it makes money?

To put it in simple words,

Uber works as a digital aggregator app platform, connecting passengers who need a ride from point A to point B with drivers that are willing to serve them.

“Passengers” generate the demand, “Drivers” supply the demand and “Uber” acts as the marketplace/facilitator to make this all happen seamlessly on a mobile platform.

Kool, right?

Through its model, Uber has been able to generate strong value propositions for both passengers and drivers to get onboard on its platform and create disruption in the taxi/cab industry.

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