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Before we discuss the technology-deep ideas of on-demand taxi app solutions, we have to understand the exact definition of this term. So, let’s get complete knowledge about the on-demand taxi apps solution that smartly changes the traditional taxi booking process. Well, on-demand taxi app solution is offering a digital way that connects users with their preferable transportation services with the utilization of a system interface. It allows the users to book a cab to reach their preferred destination with the help of a smartphone.

On-demand taxi service applications like Uber and Ola deliver seamless connectivity between the drivers and the passengers.  And this smart solution gives liberty to the passengers to select their destination and cab type in a single swipe of their mobile phone.

At present the best examples are Uber and Ola, both companies are extremely popular among the users worldwide for their better cab service. We all know that these companies are not own all vehicles, it is the on-field performance and various advanced technologies are working behind it. And the truth is Uber and Ola has been gaining huge success with the help of the tech revolution that supports their operation, better communication, and on-demand solutions for the users. So if you want to build your own white label taxi app then you should use right and effective technology stack to deliver complete on-demand taxi solution to the users. Technologies can help you give unique features to your users in a smart way that force them to use your app frequently. And the effective features are:



Location services are the most common thing for any on-demand taxi app. It helps the passengers and the drivers to track their location. And most importantly it’s time-consuming because previously, we ask for location if we don't have a clear idea about the place and sometimes its take long time and increases the ride bill as well. With the help of Google map now passengers and drivers easily find out places also it shows traffic free and shortcut routes.




All on-demand taxi applications need to keep updating their passengers and deliver frequent notifications about their ride. Whether it’s the form of Push Notifications, Email, and SMS alerts that always notified the passengers to aware about their ride. Actually, notification plays a pivotal role in the sector of advance booking and in that case, notification constantly remembering you about your coming trip.  

Different type of notifications that are sent by the rider and the driver in an on-demand taxi solution:

  • Driver: Accept or cancel the ride

  • Passenger: Ride accepted/ canceled

  • passenger: Ride Arrival

  • Passenger: Surge Pricing Over

  • Passenger: Fare Updated

Inter-app Communication


On-demand taxi service is maintaining seamless communication between the passengers and the drivers. Through this chat option, the passenger can message the cab driver and he can reply back instantly. Sometimes passengers stuck on their office meeting or something where they can’t receive the call, in that case, they can chat with the driver to maintain weight, cancel or postpone the ride.

Here is how these two applications communicate with each other in a smart way:

  • Send and accept the booking request

  • Exact location detection

  • Location tracking

  • Ride fare calculations

  • Calling and messaging options

  • Ride rating and review

  • Both can send cancel request

Final Words

Recently, every business is moving towards digitalization and updated features are making a difference between new and traditional transportation system. So, it's high time for you to adopt all new technology aspects that can easily give a makeover to your on-demand cab business. if you know that you are applying all tech solutions in your business then it’s time to go next level and stay ahead in this competitive market. If you are an entrepreneur then definitely this article helps you understand the importance of technology for your startup and how you can build a white label taxi app in a creative way to achieve success in logistics marketplace.