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• 특허에서 볼 수있듯이 걸쇠가 있어서 열린 상태에서 장치를 똑바로 유지할 수 있으며, 접힌 형태와 열린 형태의 휴대 전화 스케치를 볼 수 있습니다. 베젤이 없고 갤럭시 S10 시리즈와 비슷한 전체 화면 디자인을 보여줍니다

Just weeks after revealing the Galaxy Fold, rumors of Samsung working on not one, but two different…
Samsung clamshell foldable smartphone folds out not it, patent reveals []
Even before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we have already heard that Samsung has two more…
Samsung's folding clamshell design revealed, and it's a bit odd []
Samsung hasn’t even released the Samsung Galaxy Fold, its foldable smartphone that opens up into…
Future Samsung foldable device may have its display on the outside []
I think many of our readers will agree that despite the Samsung Galaxy Fold being an amazing…
This a Samsung Galaxy Fold I would pay $2000 for (concept video) []
We’re about a month away now from Samsung’s first attempt at a foldable phone hitting…
Could this be our first glimpse of the Galaxy Fold 2? []

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