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• "우리는 정책을 집행하기 위해 엄격히 비 정치적 방식으로 모든 미국인에게 봉사하는 방향으로 나아가고 있으며 이것이 바로 우리가하는 일입니다."

It was a busy weekend for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who spoke on Friday night in…
Fed Chair Powell says ‘no’ President Trump cannot fire him []
U.S. retail sales rebounded a bit in January, rising a better-than-expected 0.2%, following the…
U.S. consumer spending recovers slightly in January []
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell believes President Donald Trump doesn’t have the legal…
Federal Reserve Chairman Says Trump Can’t Fire Him []
During that period, the U.S. saw its best economic gains in a recovery that…
Fed Chair Powell: 'The law is clear,' Trump can't fire me []

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