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• 코스트코 (Costco)는 주당 임금 인상을 발표하면서 시간당 임금을 14 달러에서 14 달러 50 달러 범위에서 15 달러에서 15.50 달러로 인상했습니다. 상사를 위한 임금도 올라갔습니다.

After an incredible rally to start the year, equity markets are under pressure this week. We have…
Costco Stock Is Soaring, But You Can Still Buy It In Bulk []
Shares are Costco Wholesale (COST)  jumped on Friday, rallying more than 5% and closing at…
Costco Stock Rally May Just Be Getting Started []
Scott McIntyre | Bloomberg | Getty Images Customers push shopping…
Costco beats profit estimates as margin pressures ease, shares rise []
While Costco Wholesale  (COST) is getting attention for its minimum wage hike,…
Chart of the Day: Costco Is in First Place For Fair Wages []

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