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• 스타 벅스 (Starbucks)와 그란데 (Grande)는 월요일에 소량의 이모티콘으로 비밀리에 소셜 미디어에서 음료를 살짝 보여줬습니다.

Ariana Grande and Starbucks have collaborated on a new project, and it looks tasty.Just a wild…
Ariana Grande Seems to Have Made a Starbucks Treat That Comes Out Tomorrow []
SEATTLE - Starbucks is launching a new super-foamy drink Tuesday, with some help from pop star…
Starbucks launches 'cloud in a cup,' with help from Ariana Grande []
Starbucks is debuting a new drink with the help of Ariana Grande. On Tuesday, the coffee giant…
Starbucks, Ariana Grande launch Cloud Macchiato drink []

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