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• The Wall Street Journal에 따르면 CyberAgent 관계자 중 한 명 (Dragalia Lost 개발자인 Cygames의 모회사)은 "Nintendo는 단일 스마트 폰 게임으로 많은 수익을 창출하는 데 관심이 없다."고 합니다. 

TOKYO—Smartphone game makers working with Nintendo Co. are finding the home of Mario the…
Nintendo to Smartphone Gamers: Don’t Spend Too Much on Us []
Nintendo's delve into the world of mobile gaming came as quite a shock, especially considering the…
Nintendo Tells Mobile Partners To Limit Microtransactions So That Players Don't Spend Too Much []
Nintendo doesn't want to see players spending too much on its growing roster of smartphone games,…
Report: Nintendo is telling mobile development partners to stop players overspending []

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