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• 예를 들어, 새로운 ThinkPad X390, X390 Yoga, T490s, T490 및 T590은 이제 ThinkShutter 웹캠 실드 및 PrivacyGuard 화면 보호 기술 외에도 HDR 및 저전력 디스플레이 옵션과 WiFi 6을 제공합니다.

Most of these are midrange devices, but Lenovo is adding…
Lenovo improves its midrange laptops with HDR screens and privacy upgrades []
Lenovo is making some largely incremental updates to its more affordable IdeaPad laptops and its…
Lenovo’s latest IdeaPads and ThinkPads include more premium laptop features []
Lenovo is creating its own headphones for ThinkPad and Yoga laptop owners. The PC maker has…
Lenovo has created ThinkPad and Yoga headphones []

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