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• 이 회사는 2019 년에 총 매출 10 억 달러를 예상하고 있으며, 이는 2018 년 대비 36% 증가 할 것으로 예측하고 있습니다. 플랫폼 수익은 모든 수익의 대략 3 분의 2를 차지할 것으로 예상됩니다.

Text size Roku shares (ticker: ROKU) are higher…
Roku Stock Jumps on Fourth-Quarter Earnings and 2019 Outlook []
Roku ROKU shares soared over 25% Friday after the company reported better-than-expected Q4 earnings…
Buy Roku Stock After Strong Q4 Earnings as Streaming Market Grows? []
Roku continued its recent momentum by reporting fourth-quarter results that beat Wall Street…
Roku Thumps Wall Street’s Q4 Estimates, Stock Zooms Ahead After The Bell []
Roku plans to be a billion-dollar company in 2019, the company said on Thursday as part of…
Roku on track for $1 billion in revenue in 2019 []

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