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• Mobile World Congress에서 오늘 Oppo는 새로운 스마트 폰에 10 배 광학 줌을 탑재하고 잠망경 시스템을 사용하여 돌출 된 렌즈를 쓰지 않고도 광학 줌을 사용할 수 있도록 했습니다.

Today at Mobile World Congress Oppo teased their new smartphone with 10x optical zoom, using a…
Hands-on with Oppo's super-zoom smartphone (video) []
At a presentation ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Oppo announced that…
Oppo's 10x optical zoom camera is ready for smartphones, and we used it []
Oppo has come to Mobile World Congress this year not with a phone, but with a promise. That…
Oppo’s 10x optical zoom system really works []
Oppo is ready to give your distant subjects an extreme close-up. At a presentation today just…
Oppo’s new 10x lossless zoom technology lets you wave goodbye to blurry photos []

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