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• 한국의 거물이 갤럭시 S10 시리즈를 선보일 예정이고 갤럭시 F 접이식 핸드셋에 대해 더 많이 알려주고 있기 때문에 이 주가 올해 가장 큰 삼성 주간이 될 것으로 예상되지만 경쟁사가 옆에서 그냥 지켜만 볼 것이라는 의미는 아닙니다.

We can’t say this is the last big Galaxy S10 leak (there’s still a day to go until Unpacked), but…
Galaxy S10 TV commercial airs early in Norway, spoils what’s left of the surprise []
Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10 series this week, a phone that has no secrets left…
Official Galaxy S10+ commercial leaks, confirming Samsung’s new signature features []
Samsung’s foldable phone? Meet the Galaxy Fold Samsung’s promised…
Samsung’s foldable phone? Meet the Galaxy Fold []
This is supposed to be Samsung’s biggest week this year, as the Korean giant is about to…
An Android flagship you won’t be able to buy will ‘rewrite the rules’ in March []
The torrent of Samsung leaks these past few weeks has mostly been about the company’s…
Galaxy Fold will be the name of Samsung’s foldable phone []

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