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• 미국 사용자의 경우 코드 자체는 "VALENTINE2019"이며 따옴표가 없습니다.

Google is feeling the love and in honor of Valentine’s Day is offering people the option to save $1…
Google Feeling The Valentine's Day Love With $1 Android App Discount []
Hi, friend, since it’s Valentine’s Day, we want you to have something. Have this…
Use This Google Play Code, Get $1 Off Apps and Games []
Today Google’s revealed a Google Play code that’ll…
Google Play Valentine's Day code gives you a whole dollar []
If you’ve been using Android for more than a few generations, it can be easy to forget…
5 obscure Android features you need to start using []

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goodhyun (2/16 '19)

한국에서는 안되네요. ?

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