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• 그것은 새로운 갤럭시 탭 S5e로 바뀔 수도 있습니다. 삼성은 새로운 초박형 올 라운더를 만들기 위해 주력 타블렛을 간소화/합리화했습니다.

When Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S4, I liked its blend of sleek design, long battery life, and…
Samsung's Latest Tablet Is Really Damn Thin []
That's a sweet deal, but there are, of course, some trade-offs. The "e" in the device's name…
Samsung's thinnest ever tablet is the first with Bixby built in []
Samsung officially announced its latest tablet today, the Galaxy Tab S5e. And I'm not sure…
Samsung's new tablet comes with a 10.5" OLED screen for just $400... if you want an Android tablet []
There isn’t a single Android tablet we can currently wholeheartedly recommend, but the new…
Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S5e is its lightest and thinnest tablet ever []

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