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• iPhone 11 소문에 보인 2 개의 변경 사항은 디스플레이 상단의 약간 작은 노치와 새로 디자인된 뒷면 카메라 클러스터입니다.

When Apple uncharacteristically warned investors that its holiday-quarter earnings would…
Key Apple supplier might’ve just leaked the iPhone 11’s most exciting new feature []
Largan Precision, which makes lens modules for the iPhone and other phones, is reportedly…
Triple-camera smartphones will be a thing this year, says Largan []
This morning, we asked our readers on Twitter if they'd prefer to see USB-C ports or Lightning…
MacRumors Readers Hoping for USB-C Instead of Lightning in 2019 iPhones []
Apple’s 2019 iPhone models will be equipped with a Lightning connector rather than a USB-C port,…
New iPhones to stick with Lightning over USB-C, claims report []

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