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 2/13 '15 posted
It so happens i grew up surrounded by this very opening line.  Luv is..........   waking up to your beautiful smile. well yes I suppose it is sorta. sure joy is I suppose a product of love, so is every emotion is it not. But what if love were really a series of heartaches, of painful moments and memories. What if Luv is........... making sacrifices, could you love anyone enough to let them go, to walk away from their life, even if it hurt maybe even kept you awake at night praying that they were ok that they weren't sad. would you call out their names even, blow them a kiss they will never feel. pray they have forgotten you even becuase if they feel half as sad as you do well that would just be wrong, well it would have made your sacrifices a waste wouldn't it, maybe............
So love, then what is joy, joy is taking and giving.
I love the entire world, not just the people I know hell not just people, or animals but the very particles and cells every grain of sand, rocks and trees,
drops of rain oh i do love the rain, its so very....... well it is so very giving.   anyway back to business gaia is everything and nothing wrapped neatly in our soul!  She is life and we are her, and love is.............the key!