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Path of Exile Currency Counter

Path of Exile has a complex currency system. From nails to spheres, scrolls to unique items, these currencies can add value to your gear by changing its stats or adding random affixes.

Our PoE currency counter tracks these different helpful currencies to give you the best overview of their market values. Find out which ones are the most valuable and why.


Orbs and scrolls are a mainstay within Path of Exile. They have a variety of different functions, from providing valuable currency exchanges for other players to restructuring your character’s passive skill trees. With our PoE boosting services, you can quickly acquire these essential items without any tedious grinding.

The coveted Exalted Orb is among the primary currencies in Path of Exile, often referred to as the "gold standard" of currency exchanges. Revered for its ability to reroll a rare item's modifiers, it allows you to fine-tune your equipment to match your playstyle and strategies. Orbs of Chance are a key component in crafting a unique item, but the odds of obtaining a specific unique can be prohibitive. Using an Orb of Chance on a unique base item is usually not worth the time investment and physical strain involved, especially on higher-tier items.


Unlike most ARPGs, Path of Exile does not use gold as the primary currency in the game. Instead, it uses orbs, which are functional items that can be consumed to add, change, or remove affixes on equipment. Additionally, orbs can alter Maps, Atlases, Fragments, and even characters themselves.

Besides orbs, scrolls are also important in path of exile currency. They can be used to upgrade rare gear or reset a character’s passive skill tree. In addition, they can be sold to other players. This is why it’s important to choose a reputable seller that has high customer satisfaction and transparent terms and conditions. The best way to avoid getting scammed is to find a reputable seller who sells PoE currencies with proof of identity and offers a safe delivery method. MMOGAH has a variety of trusted sellers and strict on-site security measures to protect your information. It also has a dedicated Support Team that is available around the clock to answer your questions.

Scroll of Wisdom

In Path of Exile, different types of currency items have a specific function and can be bought, sold or traded with other players. They are used to craft or upgrade equipment, reset your passive skill tree, and more. They can be obtained through a variety of methods, including looting destructible objects and chests. You can also buy POE currency items online, which is a convenient and quick way to get started in the game.

The most common currency item in Path of Exile is the Scroll of Wisdom, which is used to identify Unidentified items and strongboxes. Identified magic, rare and unique items sell for a higher price than their unidentified counterparts. Likewise, identifying a strongbox reveals its modifiers and grants Alteration Shards upon opening it. Players can obtain a Scroll of Wisdom through monster drops, by selling Portal Scrolls to vendors (1 Scroll of Wisdom per Portal Scroll), or by combining 5x Scroll Fragments.

Unique Items

Unlike most ARPG/MMO titles, Path of Exile doesn't have a habitual gold system. Instead, the game has a variety of helpful PoE currency items that are traded and exchanged between players. These include Scroll of Wisdom, Chaos Orbs, Nails, Spheres and Fragments, among others.

Each one of these unique items has its own special ability that can change various properties of your equipment. For example, the Chromatic Orb can reroll the socket color of your armor, and the Instilling Orb can enhance utility flasks with random affixes. You can also use these unique items to upgrade your gear and unlock its tiers. However, the price of upgrading a unique item is high and it requires a considerable amount of time to accumulate the required amount of Orbs. Therefore, it's better to trade them between players than to buy them from vendors.

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