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Handball betting is a fairly popular form of sports betting in many countries around the world today. However, handball betting is still relatively unfamiliar to Vietnamese people. Handball is also one of the sports available for betting at Wintips bookmaker currently. To learn more about handball betting at Wintips, you can refer to the content of this article!

An Overview of Handball Betting
Handball, also known as Handball, is considered a competitive sport. Each game consists of two teams. Each team includes 7 players: 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. The main goal of each team is to try to throw the ball into the opponent's goal within the specified time. The team that successfully throws the ball more times than the opponent wins.
Each game consists of 4 halves, each lasting 30 minutes. If the two teams are tied, two additional halves will be played, each lasting 5 minutes. If the teams are still tied after the additional halves, a penalty shootout similar to soccer will take place.
According to handball rules, each player is not allowed to hold the ball in hand for more than 3 seconds. A player holding the ball cannot run more than 3 meters. Players have the right to pass the ball to teammates and then move it. However, handball rules state that a player cannot steal the ball directly from the opponent's hands. Moreover, players are absolutely not allowed to jump up or push the opponent.
In addition to coordinating with teammates to get the ball into the opponent's goal, players also need to prevent the opponent from attacking their own goal. Therefore, this sport requires players to have endurance no less than soccer or basketball.
Currently, many bookmakers offer attractive handball betting odds. Handball betting at Wintips is a prime example of this game.
Handball Betting Rules at Wintips
When betting, bettors need to be well aware of the rules at Wintips bookmaker listed below:
Handball bets will be based on the results of the 60-minute playing time. This does not include extra time or penalty shootouts unless otherwise specified. Bets are allowed to include any added injury time at the end of a match.
In cases where a handball match starts earlier than scheduled, all bets placed before will still be considered valid. If a handball bet is placed after the match has already started, it will be voided, except for in-play betting.
For matches using the 'Mercy Rule,' the bet will still be valid and settled based on the result at that time. (The Mercy Rule stipulates that a match will end earlier if the point difference between the two teams is too large, thereby considering the result as determined).
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Types of Handball Betting at Wintips Bookmaker
There are many ways to participate in handball betting at Wintips, such as:
Championship Bet: This bet requires a fairly long wait as you need to wait until the final match to see this type of bet appear and determine the final winning team, becoming the champion.
Bet on the First Goal Scorer for a Team: For this type of betting, you need to be fairly knowledgeable about some players of that team.
Bet on the Winning Team: In each half of the match, you just need to place a bet on the team that you think will score more points and win that particular match.
Handicap Bet: Based on the difference in strength between the two teams, a bookmaker legit will offer an appropriate handicap level. Players will rely on their understanding of the two teams playing in that match to decide to participate in the level of betting that they feel is most reasonable. It's important to choose a legitimate and reputable bookmaker to ensure fairness and reliability in the betting process.
Bet on the Team Winning the First Half: Players will place bets on which team will be leading in the first half.
Some Superb Tips for Betting on Handball
Understand the rules of handball: If you don't understand the rules of the game, it will be difficult to follow the match. And it will also be challenging to place bets on the handball betting options offered by the bookmaker.
Understand the betting rules for handball at the bookmaker: Each bookmaker will have different rules regarding the rights and obligations of players when betting on handball with real money.
Keep track of the match schedule: To closely follow the matches, there's no better way than to keep an eye on the schedule of the teams you are interested in. This allows you to be more proactive when participating in handball betting.
Have a thorough understanding of the team you choose to bet on: Players should only bet on a team they understand well, including the playing style of each player on the team. This enables more confident decision-making.
Maintain a relaxed mindset: When participating in betting, you need to ensure that you keep a clear head and stay as relaxed as possible. Avoid making emotional decisions that can lead to mistakes and losing your bet.
Handball betting is quite similar to football betting and other sports betting. If a player has accumulated a lot of experience in football betting, they will also quickly grasp the rules and betting methods for handball. To enhance your betting experience, consider exploring bookmaker free bets no deposit, which can offer additional value and opportunities as you start. If you find this sport interesting and want to participate, hurry up and register a Wintips account to find your luck and possibly take advantage of these offers!