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In addition to regular match result bets, you can also engage in card betting, but many players are still unsure of what card betting is and how to increase their chances of winning. Wintips will provide you with the information you need in the following discussion.
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Overview of Card Betting Instead of predicting which team will win or lose in a match, card betting allows you to wager on the number of yellow and red cards shown in a 90-minute game. Some bookmakers also make it more challenging by asking you to predict the exact number of yellow or red cards. You may encounter the term "Over/Under Card" in foreign bookmakers.
Card betting is not limited to a specific group of players, and anyone can participate. This form of betting is relatively simple, making it increasingly popular among gamers as it adds entertainment value and profit potential.
Winning Strategies for Card Betting
Once you understand what card betting is, you'll know it involves both teams. This means you'll be considering the total number of cards received by both teams. While it may sound easy, predicting this can be challenging. Players need to be familiar with specific terms before making their bets. To achieve significant wins, you'll need to research the game thoroughly. Here are some types of card bets you can choose from:
Betting on the number of yellow or red cards in the first half.
Betting on the total number of yellow or red cards in the entire match, including extra time.
Betting on the first or last card shown (the availability of this type of bet depends on the bookmaker).
Betting on over/under cards for the entire match.
Betting on over/under cards for either the first or second half.
Betting on even/odd cards for the entire match or one of the halves.

How to Read Card Betting Accurately
Understanding how to read card betting odds is essential to determine if you'll win or not. Card betting can also have handicaps, meaning one side of the bet is favored over the other based on the bookmaker's odds. How you read the odds depends on whether you're betting for the first half, second half, or the entire match:
Yellow cards are usually counted as 1 point, while red cards count as 2 points.
If you're betting for the end of the half or the entire match, the total points based on the cards shown will determine whether you win or lose.
**Important Notes for Card Betting
Although you now understand what card betting is, there are still some important considerations to keep in mind to avoid making mistakes or being deceived:
Card betting typically covers 90 minutes of play plus any extra time. If there is extra time or penalties, bookmakers will offer a separate bet.
Cards shown by the referee only apply to players actively on the field. Cards don't count for suspended players, previous matches, or substitutes.
Three cards is usually the maximum number a player can receive in a single game.
The decision to show cards is entirely at the discretion of the main referee.
Analyze the match thoroughly before making your bets.
Be cautious of high odds, as they may indicate a less likely outcome.
Choose the right moment to cash out your bet to avoid significant losses.
Calculating Card Betting Winnings
Calculating your winnings in card betting is relatively straightforward and depends on the odds provided by the bookmaker. The typical formula used by bookmakers is as follows: Betting winnings = Your bet amount (stake) x Bookmaker's odds. You can easily calculate your potential prize by entering your stake and the bookmaker's odds. If your bet wins, you'll know the exact value of your winnings.
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In Conclusion
Wintips has shared what card betting is through this content. While card betting is relatively easy to play, winning big is not as simple. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly analyze the information surrounding the match to make the most accurate decisions.