Parsa 9/13 '23 posted
Picture this: A digital world where you're not just a spectator, but the star of the show. At SternX, we believe in empowering you to take the lead in your digital journey. 

SternX offers a range of innovative software solutions, each tailored to address specific digital needs:

Safes Parental Control

Screen Time Management: Set healthy screen time limits for your children.
Content Filtering: Block or filter age-inappropriate content.
App Management: Control which apps your child can access.
Web Monitoring: Keep an eye on your child's online activity.
Location Tracking: Ensure your child's safety by knowing their whereabouts.

Safes School

Student Device Management: Streamline device management for educational institutions.
Content Filtering: Create a safe online environment for students.
App Deployment: Efficiently distribute and manage educational apps.
Remote Support: Assist students and teachers with technical issues.
Usage Reporting: Gain insights into device usage for better planning.

Trio (Department Management)

Collaboration Tools: Facilitate seamless communication within departments.
Task Management: Assign and track tasks for improved productivity.
File Sharing: Share and collaborate on documents securely.
Data Insights: Access analytics for informed decision-making.
Integration Capabilities: Integrate with other tools and systems for enhanced functionality.