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About Canadian University Dubai:
The Canadian University Dubai is located in the heart of downtown Dubai. The university is now offering some hi-the Dubai Academic City is at the forefront of UAE education progress. The largest free zone dedicated to educational institutes in the world is located along Al Aim Road in Dubai. Dubai's affordable student accommodation is one of the best options.

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Oasis of Silicechnology environments in their classrooms, innovative subject-specific labs as well as an incubator lab, their major focus is on entrepreneurship, research, and introducing various non-conventional teaching and learning approaches.
In the campus, there are many laboratories and research facilities which are among the new amenities. Students will get the advantage of such innovative and flexible approaches of learning and teaching.

CUD is the first even Canadian university which is located outside of the Canada. CUD offers courses that are according to Canadian curriculum, so in that way students will get internationally recognized degrees. When students starts their education from CUD and then transfer to another partner university in Canada to graduate. Students will get the opportunity to get higher education, chance of conducting a research, and several job opportunities in Canada when they are studying in CUD.

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