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 10/5 '22 posted

Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games illustrates, through symbolism and character, that survival is a result of strength. The author first uses characterization to show how survival can be achieved when someone or something is strong. We can see how Katniss Everdeen used a lot of her strength in order to get through the hunger games. Peeta Mellark was cut by Cato's sword at one point. Katniss was called to help him. Suzanne Collins wrote earlier in the book that Katniss was always squeamish about treating others. She couldn't bear to see any blood. Collin shows me exactly what I mean when she says Katniss is strong I examine the contents of the first-aid kit. It is very basic. You will need to use bandages, fever pills, and medication to calm the stomachs. Peeta will not be treated with the same level of care as I have in my home. (257). It's obvious that Katniss is determined to save her friend Peeta from death. Rue is also strong enough to help Katniss survive. Rue provides treatment for Katniss to recover from the tracker jacker bites she received while trying to protect herself. She was able to use only leaves for a special treatment. "... To my surprise Rue takes a handful of leaves and puts them in her mouth. Although my mother could use other methods, it's not like there are many options. Rue then presses a sloppy, green wad of chewed leaf and spits on my knee for about a minute" (Collins 200). She saw her do this and used all her mental strength to find the best way to save Katniss from the fatal stings. In my Hunger Games Symbolism Essay I tried to create a simple point about symbolism.

Collin uses symbolism to show how survival is achieved when someone or something has power. There are many symbols that can be used to illustrate this idea, but two stood out to me. Katniss's bow & arrows are a symbol of her strength and how they are a key to survival. She was able to hunt prey and find food and quickly defeat enemies with her bow and arrows. She considers this bow special because she used it to support Prim and her mother in District 12. "So, I try to focus on the positive things that have happened since I arrived in the arena. I have a bow, and arrows. There are a dozen arrows, if you include the toxic green slime from Glimmer's body ...". (Collins197). This paragraph shows that Katniss was happy to have those bows and arrows. They were her best friend and allowed her to do so many things. Rue's pack was the last symbol that I came across that related to my thesis statement. Katniss had many survival items in Rue's pack. "My supply is low, that's what I should be saying. I'm done with the bread from District 11, and the last bit of rabbit. It is amazing how quickly the food disappears. Rue's roots, nuts, dried boy's fruit and one piece of beef ..." are all that I have (Collins 24,1). It is clear that Rue has some very useful items. A loaf of bread and some fruits were available to her that would provide enough food for several days. Bread and berries are essential for survival in this world. Katniss draws strength from food in order to persevere through the Hunger Games.
Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games, which she illustrated through symbolism, characterization, and storytelling, shows that survival is a result of strength. This can be seen throughout the book in many different ways. Each character had some kind of strength, but some characters stood out more than others.