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nycjim Jim Roberts @nycjim
US bobsledder Johnny Quinn breaks thru door after being trapped in bathroom.#SochiProblems
NortonOnline Norton @NortonOnline
Is that rubber duck watching you?#SochiProblems, meet Norton Shower#Privacy
SochiProblems Sochi Problems @SochiProblems
Here's to a happy and safe Hunger Games...Olympics, sorry my bad.#SochiProblems#Sochi2014
berniematthew Bernie Matthew @berniematthew
Based on the living conditions, I think Sochi thought they were hosting the Hunger Games#Olympics2014#SochiProblems#Sochi2014#SochiFail
SochiProb Sochi Problems @SochiProb
Bad water, no food, threats of killing. Not sure if the Olympic Games or the Hunger Games#SochiProblems
stan Stanford Rosenthal @stan
So this is what interior design is like in a city with "no gays"#sochiproblems
SochiGamesPR Sochi Games PR @SochiGamesPR
The final snowflake did not fail to open. You failed to open your hearts to the snowflake.#SochiFail#SochiProblems
_JeuxOlympiques JO 2014 Sotchi @_JeuxOlympiques
[#SochiProblems] Enfermé dans sa douche et sans téléphone, le bobeur américain Johnny Quinn a trouvé la solution...
GooglePoetics Google Poetics @GooglePoetics
is Russia ready for the Olympics is Russia really that bad is Russia really a democracy #GooglePoems#SochiProblems
SochiProblems Sochi Problems @SochiProblems
Macklemore did a remake of his song 'Thrift Shop' for#SochiProblems . It is as followed: "Walk up to the hotel like, "Where's the lobby?"
SochiProblems Sochi Problems @SochiProblems
The#SochiOlympics will only feature 4 rings as to the normal 5 due to 'technical difficulties'.#SochiProblems
BloombergNews Bloomberg News @BloombergNews
#SochiProblems takes over Twitter, with users comparing the Olympic Games to the Hunger Games:
fenvirantiviral Fenvir @fenvirantiviral
Good Morning! #Sochi2014 guide#SochiProblems#sochi Sign on the elevator doors- what exactly do they mean?

tollakson TJ Tollakson @tollakson
Menu translated into English at the Sochi Olympics...where would you like your lemonade?#SochiProblems
CNNVideo CNN Video @CNNVideo
See why a U.S. bobsledder had to punch his way out of a bathroom in#Sochi.
Country_Words Country Words @Country_Words
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
kennydubyah Kendall @kennydubyah
The fact that Jeff doesn't quite understand what we mean when we say ¡JUMBALAYA! is a disappointment.#Happy25thSooyoungDay#SochiProblems
smashmode Otto Rogers @smashmode
I hope everyone sharing the Daily Currant story about the guy in Sochi found dead understands that is satire site.#SochiFail#SochiProblems

FactsofFishing Dave Mercer @FactsofFishing
Last Sunday I was watching the#SuperBowl this Sunday I am watching Mens Figure Skating#SochiProblems
principalspage MichaelSmithSupt @principalspage
I can't think of any reason why Russia shouldn't host every Olympics.#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
iLovePupsDaily I Love Puppies Daily @iLovePupsDaily
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp

TheFuckingCat The Fucking Cat @TheFuckingCat
Hello front desk? Someone took a shit near the elevators. Wait that was me, nevermind.#SochiProblems
Sochi2014Probz Sochi Problems @Sochi2014Probz
For those times when you just have to go a little. Thanks Putin.#SochiProblems#Sochi2014
CalebLongest Caleb Longest @CalebLongest
Not even a fairy and unicorn gettin it on in a purple Prius could be less masculine than figure skating...#SochiProblems#Olympics2014
TheFuckingCat The Fucking Cat @TheFuckingCat
Hello front desk? I can't get my fucking door open. Could you please send that bobsledder that busted through ur other door?#SochiProblems

davrivsixtynine David Rivera @davrivsixtynine
McDonalds new slogan: it basically takes one lunch break here to disqualify you from ever being and Olympian#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
BenjaminB677 Benjamin B. @BenjaminB677
Konstantin Wecker im Tiefschnee verschwunden... #SochiProblems
DarthPutinKGB Vladimir Putin @DarthPutinKGB
I hope you are all enjoying#sochi2014. I remind gays to leave our kids alone! #SochiFail#SochiProblems
AliveNow23 Alive Now @AliveNow23
Spot the difference: Olympic rings as shown on BBC and on Russian TV

SaraShookman Sara Shookman @SaraShookman
W/C at Shayba Arena. Not sure what anyone would need this mirror for?#SochiProblems @wkyc
PhiIIip_Thomas Phil @PhiIIip_Thomas
Russian's scan every single computer & laptop in the press room everyday? #SochiProblems #Sochi
HecklerForever Professional Heckler @HecklerForever
Russian speedskater loosens tight uniform after a race; forgets she has nothing under suit! Talk about#SochiProblems#wardrobemalfunction

Country_Words Country Words @Country_Words
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
CathCraig Catherine Craig @CathCraig
The fact that we're able to laugh at Sochi conditions while they're a reflection of how the majority of Russians live#sochiproblems

SochiProbz Sochi Problems @SochiProbz
Sports and pajamas, now this is my type of event. Curling for the win!#SochiProblems

fpills fpills @fpills
Олимпиада продолжается. Самое время оценить итоги информационной войны

anruiseach Rúiseach @anruiseach
And this one is actually toilet in a shop on 5th Ave in NY. Posted here:

JustAMasshole Typical Masshole @JustAMasshole
Definitely in love with the Russian women's curling team#SochiProblems
SeriousFactz Serious Facts @SeriousFactz
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
teensnotespage Teenagers @teensnotespage
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp

madelinedhays Madeline Hays @madelinedhays
Sad watching @shaun_white in this can feel his disappointment through the screen �#SochiProblems#ShaunWhite ��
RasiRas Rasika Mathur @RasiRas
Aww. I still love you Shaun White. ���#SochiProblems
NickRebecca Nick Rebecca @NickRebecca
Shaun white is still the god of halfpipes...#SochiProblems
Fiery_Faith Faith Moenich @Fiery_Faith
Shaun White didn't metal because he cut his hair#SochiProblems#Olympics2014

sdutzeigler Mark Zeigler @sdutzeigler
Some people here have yellow water from their faucet. Some have brown water. Some have only cold water. I have no water.#SochiProblems
jondaly Jon Daly @jondaly
Costas got pinkeye butterfly kissin Lauer's Browneye#SochiProblems
sportbox @sportbox
Сетка спасла француженку от вылета с трассы в#Сочи2014 Видео:

SochiProbIem Sochi Problems @SochiProbIem
This was on Ashley Wagner's Instagram. It made my day#SochiProblems
Mark_Whitelegge Mark Whitelegge @Mark_Whitelegge
If your gay then so be it, Russia needs to be more relaxed about it. It's not 1900's anymore. Putin, don't be that guy.#SochiProblems

lucywiesner Lucy. @lucywiesner
the winter Olympics should be in PA next time so they won't have to worry about the snow melting#SochiProblems
BrennaAnderson1 Brenna ❄️ @BrennaAnderson1

FreakyVine Freaky Vine ;) @FreakyVine
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready >>>> - sp

SeriousFactz Serious Facts @SeriousFactz
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
WhatTheFFact_ WhatTheF***Facts @WhatTheFFact_
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
LaineRoberts Laine Roberts @LaineRoberts
@SochiProbIem: Olympian Gus Kenworthy is saving stray puppies so Sochi won't kill them.#SochiProblems” yes lord

sportsru @sportsru
«Уходить надо вовремя». Реакция твиттера на снятие#ПлющенкоСочи2014#SochiProblems#Фигурноекатание
SirSeriousBlack Acknickulous White @SirSeriousBlack
Every 4 years I ask the same question. What in the hell is curling? This is not a sport!#cutthatshitout#SochiProblems #Sochi2014

derfreitag der Freitag @derfreitag
#SochiProblems: Das Bashing gehört zum guten Ton der Öffentlich-Rechtlichen. Aber es nützt Putin >>

MegHinson Megan Hinson @MegHinson
@NickGoepper: Is there ANYONE out there generous enough to be my Valentine?#sochiproblems” I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE
YourRetardedMom Retarded Mom @YourRetardedMom
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
allisonflory Allison Flory @allisonflory
@NickGoepper: Is there ANYONE out there generous enough to be my Valentine?#sochiproblems@tori_rathman14 volunteers
MillerMENA James Miller @MillerMENA
Is Putin embarrassed by#SochiProblems? Are Russians? Is the focus on them unfair? |#Russia
jenny_warner12 Jennifer Warner @jenny_warner12
@NickGoepper: Is there ANYONE out there generous enough to be my Valentine?#sochiproblems” I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!
BleacherReport Bleacher Report @BleacherReport
VIDEO: DJ Steve Porter drops "Mo Sochi Mo Problems" Notorious BIG remix for the Winter Olympics.#SochiProblems.

saguille Sagüille A BONITA @saguille
KKKKKKKKKKKKK os mano acha que#SochiProblems é zoado pq ainda não viram o#BrazilCupProblems BRACE YOURSELVES
DepressedDarth Darth Vader @DepressedDarth
#SochiProblems: The games have started, but Sochi is far from ready - - sp

JeffersonObama Jeff Gauvin @JeffersonObama
Clearly my Under Armour suit caused me to miss workout after dinner tonight.#SochiProblems
RobElgasNBC Rob Elgas @RobElgasNBC
Unrelated: we've been here in Sochi for awhile and A LOT of foreign media could use a bath.#SochiProblems#ThisBusStinks
DisenchantGrant Grant Wilson @DisenchantGrant
Russia just nuked either New York or DC and we just felt the vibrations from impact.#SochiProblems
ReginaAnne2 Regina Heit @ReginaAnne2
"Did you fall from heaven or did your hotel room floor just cave in?"#OlympicPickupLines#SochiProblems
teensnotespage Teenagers @teensnotespage
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp

Blog: 'Olympic ski jumping competition completed without a single uterus explosion'
BenjaminB677 Benjamin B. @BenjaminB677
Da spritzt der oben schon ziemlich weg... #SochiProblems ~ ~ ups “Schnee“ vergessen

SlideShare SlideShare @SlideShare
From fun facts about the torch to#SochiProblems, stay up-to-date on @Sochi2014 with these SlideShares:
tank_dogg06 Tyler Schloss @tank_dogg06
The Olympic officials are god awful. How did Alvarez not advance?#OlympicFail#SochiProblems#ShortTrackRobbery#everystep
luke_1983uk Lukai Mayes @luke_1983uk
Elise Christie just got penalised for what?!? Winning fairly!! Unbelievable!!#Sochi2014#SochiProblems#gbr

Country_Words Country Words @Country_Words
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
Digiday Digiday @Digiday
Sochi Sponsors Grapple With Russia's LGBT Laws
bcoyne Bridget Coyne @bcoyne
New (and comical) level of#SochiProblems: the Sochi Mascot Struggles to Fit in Car

Country_Words Country Words @Country_Words
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
teensnotespage Teenagers @teensnotespage
#SochiProblems: The games are about to begin, but Sochi is far from ready. - sp
Laulaubird Laura @Laulaubird
....why do the American hockey jerseys have fake ol'timey stitching?.....#SochiProblems

AnthonyH1875 Anthony @AnthonyH1875
Find it hard to take the curling seriously when the slider is just screaming "hard" all the time#SochiProblems
NFLming Claus Elming @NFLming
Problem solved. Cameraman/toughguy Thomas breaks open door#SochiProblems#oldk
JOEdotie @JOEdotie
And here we were, thinking they weren't into these kinds of backdoor shenanigans
DarthPutinKGB Vladimir Putin @DarthPutinKGB
Corruption caused crap construction caused the net to come off its mounts caused Russia to lose.#SochiProblems#USAvsRUS#Sochi2014

MartinMott M■Squared @MartinMott
#SochiProblems#Sochi2014 MT "@bryanwx: A woman attempting to take a picture at hockey game in Sochi today."

liviacolare Livia Iacolare @liviacolare
So happy to hear that the Italian LGBT activist @vladiluxuria is now free! She had been arrested today in Sochi#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
blocker4 Ryan B. @blocker4
Why are we only now watching USA v. Russia? This was over 36 hours ago @NBCSports @NHLonNBCSports#badservice#SochiProblems#Sochi2014
donkeyslayer21 Liisa @donkeyslayer21
woahhh. Just saw Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir's amazing program. They were robbed.#SochiProblems #TessaAndScott
SportsPageWPB Sports Page @SportsPageWPB
No#SochiProblems here. We've got#Olympics2014, we've got SNOW and our yellowish drinks won't melt your face!

YahooSports Yahoo Sports @YahooSports
Watch a cat -- A CAT -- fall through the roof of a $32 million arena at the#WinterGames:
Oliver_Dufour Oliver Dufour @Oliver_Dufour
50 milliards et pas une seule souffleuse à brouillard?#SochiProblems
AlexisPlanchain Alexis Planchain @AlexisPlanchain
Il va falloir rappeler Pierre Fulla, le meilleur commentateur olympique de brouillard#francetvsport#Sochi2014#SochiProblems

stockejock Nathan @stockejock
#BobCostas is back on the air today? I hope he'll be wearing his angry eyes. #bobcostaspinkeye#Olympics2014#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
BTSP BT Sports Panel @BTSP
#SochiProblems Canadian Bobsledder Christopher Spring reveals that he can’t quite fit into his uniform.
HelenUpperton Helen Upperton @HelenUpperton
Yes cleaning lady,the towel loons R impressive but I havent forgiven u 4 stealing my M&M's, not yet.#SochiProblems

lol who saw the free skiier with the dreadlocks lose his pants LOL#SochiProblems
BenjaminB677 Benjamin B. @BenjaminB677
Sachenbacher vs. Seitenbacher lecker lecker lecker... #SochiProblems
christackett Chris Tackett @christackett
Add "cats falling from ceilings" to the growing list of#SochiProblems. Thankfully the cat was unharmed.
PowerBruinsfam Patrick Power Jr. @PowerBruinsfam
"@Hilary_Knight: Who knew Peanut butter would be IMPOSSIBLE to find in Russia.#Craving" #SochiProblems

NickDonohue9 Nick Donohue @NickDonohue9
@SochiProbIem: That awkward moment when your shirt is supposed to say Canada.#SochiProblems

ReedWilliamson Reed Williamson @ReedWilliamson
"Sky's out thighs out" I'll be whipping some short shorts tomorrow.#SochiProblems
GOPHERgossip GOPHERgossip @GOPHERgossip
Notice how they never show the audience above the like 6th row? That's because no one is there.#SochiProblems

sallyjenx Sally Jenkins @sallyjenx
We can all sleep quiet now that Pussy Riot is off the Sochi street.#sochiproblems#2014sochi

chimart070 marthee. @chimart070
mijn hele olympische spelen is verpest door die bergsma#SochiProblems

rozgroenewoud Roz Groenewoud @rozgroenewoud
Oh no. I think the Russian maids threw away my night retainers#returnoftheoverbite#crookedteeth#SochiProblems
Rulerr Raúl Acosta @Rulerr
Thanks God for another day of#Sochi2014 ��❄️⛄️ I have #SochiProblems

timesofindia Times of India @timesofindia
Twitter account '#SochiProblems' more popular than official handle
kaikkea Katrusia Kononiuk @kaikkea
Слава олімпійцям! Українські лижниці не вийшли на старт в Сочі в знак протесту.#євромайдан#сочі#Сочи#SochiProblems
NadimLahoud Nadim Lahoud @NadimLahoud
What do#Syria,#Ukraine and#Venezuela have in common besides regimes ready to kill to stay in power? Russian backing.#sochiproblems
Mike_reed33 Mike Reed @Mike_reed33
Wish that I had today off so I could watch hockey allday!!!!#SochiProblems

louiegvsu Louie the Laker @louiegvsu
Fun Fact Wednesday: I was supposed to be on USA's Ice Dancing team, but they don't make size 38 ice skates.#SochiProblems
PowerBruinsfam Patrick Power Jr. @PowerBruinsfam
Usa and Canada should never play a hockey game at the same time unless it's against eachother#SochiProblems

kevin_mcgran Кевин McGran @kevin_mcgran
Too bad Canada lost in men's hoc ... wait ... they won? Then why all the complaining?#SochiProblems

corrado_19 Joe @corrado_19
When is Putin holding the Olympic closing executions? #SochiProblems
Jbrowni23 Jordan Brown @Jbrowni23
Dana Brown has never been so intense about sports ....#figureskating#Sochi2014#SochiProblems

maloneyam34 Adam Maloney @maloneyam34
Since Canada is going to lose in hockey, let's at least give them something.#JoeyVotto#FaceofMLB#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
NBCNewYork NBC New York @NBCNewYork
WATCH: The Olympic mascot had its own#SochiProblems trying to get into a car
country1011fm Country 101.1 @country1011fm
A U.S. luger saw and filmed a wolf in her hallway in Sochi.#SochiProblems
ClaireMrt Clarine ❂ @ClaireMrt
Un loup dans la chambre d'une lugeuse à Sochi, on aura tout vu !#SochiProblems !
AshleySkis Ashley Caldwell @AshleySkis
Slightly lost on the way to yoga but at least a nice boy gave me chocolate on the street.#SochiProblems solved!

philhulett Phil Hulett @philhulett
#SochiProblems I suggest they automatically give a medal to any figure skater who doesn't fall during her routine.
FOXSports FOX Sports @FOXSports
“Pretty sure this is a WOLF wandering my hall in Sochi” - Kate Hansen #SochiProblems (VIDEO:

leafs_nation_87 Amanda @leafs_nation_87
Can't think of any good shows to watch on a Thursday night... God I miss having nightly NHL games to watch sooo much!#SochiProblems

thelog27 logan caywood. @thelog27
"You just won the gold medal, what will you do next?" "Still live in Russia...."#fail#SochiProblems
Missinfo Missinfo @Missinfo
yup. Russians, your boisterous clapping hand-smacking just made your girl fumble. good job.#figureskating#SochiProblems
WillyWallace77 Will Riihiluoma @WillyWallace77
#realtalk though, that ice rink must be too slippery or something. Literally everyone has fallen. #sochiproblems

Vanillla_Face_ Lalo @Vanillla_Face_
@Sochi2014Probz: Team USA's motivation to beat Canada...#SochiProblems ��”����
NightHawk_2011 Papa Burgundy @NightHawk_2011
@Sochi2014Probz: Team USA's motivation to beat Canada...#SochiProblems ��”Billboard in Chicago lol ����
IMDavidPaul David Beeson @IMDavidPaul
#Russia's such a "class act." Its hockey team crashes and burns so it pulls a rabbit out of its hat.#YunaKim was robbed.#SochiProblems
kimmiemeissner Kimmie Meissner @kimmiemeissner
Is the figure skating competition really over at the Olympics? What am I supposed to do with my life now?#SochiProblems#Sochi2014

mopatt16 Morgan Patterson @mopatt16
I � ACCIDENTALY � SAW � A � SPIILRR � FOR � THR � MENS � HOCKEY � GAME � UGH �#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
michaelfertik Michael Fertik @michaelfertik
Two business lessons from#SochiProblems - take cue from athletes and stay focused, stay gracious. New piece in @Inc:

kateshindle kate shindle @kateshindle
there's something about @MikaelaShiffrin that reminds me a lot of @LauraBenanti. not quite sure what it is; will report back.#SochiProblems

kodiacQc kodiac @kodiacQc
70% des Russes considèrent toujours l’homosexualité comme une maladie#sochi#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
RobElgasNBC Rob Elgas @RobElgasNBC
Afternoon nap. You should know, they aren't all gone.#SochiProblems??#Sochi2014
PlayNowInc Jason A. Thompson @PlayNowInc
@AlbertBrooks: Can't wait for the closing ceremonies. I hear the invasion of Ukraine is spectacular”#SochiProblems
wyshynski Greg Wyshynski @wyshynski
It's the day before closing ceremonies. They *just* installed this crosswalk sign near OLY park.#SochiProblems

Black88hawks Justin @Black88hawks
@EverythingPuckk: Thanks a lot Patrick Kane.#SochiProblems” He isn't the only member of team USA.. don't put all the blame on him..
Candlemom3 TML Lover @Candlemom3
If you're having a bad day, just remember at least you're not Patrick Kane today! #SochiProblems
OlPally86 Michael Cornelius @OlPally86
@KanersEnforcer yep, blame should be going on the head coach bylsma for not mixing up the lines and generating more offense.#SochiProblems

mackfowler3 Mack Fowler III @mackfowler3
Hockey has been a real disappointment in the Olympics this year! Oh well, the real Olympics is in 2 years#SochiProblems#Rio2016
dBrandys88 Danny Brandys @dBrandys88
1 day to sleep in all week but instead I'm gonna be up supporting the red and white!#SochiProblems �⚪️�⚪️�⚪️
SochiProbIem Sochi Problems @SochiProbIem
Johnny Weir ready to begin filming for the third Hunger Games.#SochiProblems

KenjiBrahhh ThomasKenji @KenjiBrahhh
Still waiting for Australia to win a gold medal....still waiting#Straya#SochiProblems
massdari Massimo Di Rienzo @massdari
7am is around the corner , I better get to bed#SochiProblems
LCambell123 Liam Campbell @LCambell123
Of course the Russians make the game at 4am to annoy all of us cause they didn't make it!#SochiProblems#GoCanadaEh

mylifeasrach Rachel Wharton @mylifeasrach
Ok. The Olympics are over in 5 hours and I still don't know what "Hot. Cool. Yours." actually means.#Sochi2014#SochiProblems
caassgibson cassie gibson @caassgibson
seriously what does mean??????#SochiProblems
renata_a Renata Akhunova RA @renata_a
"Мы тихо-тихо спустимся горы..."#Sochi2014#SochiProblems#SochiFail :))))))) Enjoy, bastards!

Well done Russia for having a sense of humor someone give Putin a cookie!!#Sochi2014#SochiProblems

heartMKjessi Jessi Wendland @heartMKjessi
But really what did I do before the Olympics? #SochiProblems
schendrickson Sarah Hendrickson @schendrickson
And the ENTIRE US Olympic team just suffocated in those sweaters we wore for closing...#oxygendeprived#SochiProblems

MeredithSoleau Meredith Soleau @MeredithSoleau
I'm sad that I have no reason to continue chugging vodka and speaking with a Russian accent.#SochiProblems#ClosingCeremony
baburton93 BryceB @baburton93
The bear on the closing ceremony looks high......#Sochi2014#SochiProblems

Meghan_Bergman Meghan Bergman @Meghan_Bergman
Olympic Closing Ceremony Proves Russia a Worthy Host... A farewell to#SochiProblems?#j202