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Record keeping is the most important part of any business, and the transportation business is no exception. Having good NEMT dispatch software Software such as the NEMT cloud dispatch software can aid you in this regard and improve your transport business.

We can't agree enough to substitute for anything on this planet but not for life. With advanced technology comes the advanced way to get things faster and efficient. Especially when it comes to medical transportation. NEMT dispatch software provides you with the best way of transporting non- Emergency softwares. Medical cases are the very first priority when it comes to anything else.NEMT dispatch software makes it easier for us by providing fast, cost-effective and reliable non-emergency medical transportation services.

Value for Time

With increasing risks of virus and other allergies, we must handle patients with utmost care. Be it our loved ones who are sick or if you are a doctor, assisting others. When anyone in our family suffers from a disease, we gather all the relevant information about how we can treat them well, following all the guidelines. We do all we can to provide ease to our loved ones. But still, there are things which we may miss out on. Since we do not have prior knowledge of taking care of a patient, we tend to get nervous or sometimes do things the wrong way. You can sit at home and book a ride for the patient within hours. You can track the ride, watching the route. Also, you can do the billing online.

When it comes to any patient with chronic disease or just a condition where he/she has to visit hospital regulatory, we need to be extra careful while taking care of the person. Here NEMT dispatch software Dispatch services come in line. We provide a strong, reliable source, where you can depend on when it comes to your family/loved one's security. We pick up the patient and drop them at the respective hospital or clinic with the utmost care. These services provide you with all the records. Records are merely on paper if we look at the previous set up. Now, after covid, everything is online. And so are our services. NEMT dispatch software gives you the comfort to book a ride for your patient, online billing with tracking the route and keeping the records with you until you need them.

We give you different online services where you can place a transportation request. NEMT dispatch software has a wider network across different hospitals and clinics. We assure you of the best services. We value your trust since its the life that we are taking care of. Patients can rest while they are visiting for their regular check-up.



We value your money and your time. Nemt dispatch software knows how much of a trust anyone puts in while giving us the responsibility. Taking care of a family member and minding all the slot booking and billing, Nemt dispatch software handles this all. Worry no more. We have well-trained staff who will help you at any given stage if you need any assistance. We work on providing you with an efficient way of taking care of your loved ones. Once you choose Nemt dispatch software, it is our duty and responsibility to care for the patient, and you don't need to worry about that anymore.

We provide comfort while transporting patients from the hospital to your home or vice-versa. You can book a slot for the same online too. We give you all the information once we have picked the patient to the destination. Be it a hospital or back home. You can track the route and whereabouts.

We have several help corners on our website, where you can interact with us or check the tracking. NEMT admin panel is where you can find all your registered information. Driver app facilitates you to interact with the driver—Driver, who is assigned for the transportation. You can contact and fetch information. The route details and the reach time. Hospital panellist, where you will find all the hospital chains we are connected to and see if you can be assigned for any given hospital. Users can track this type of service provided to customers. Moreover, the manual process of billing is a time-consuming process and time taking process. But this features Saves a lot of hours and money for the company, which can be utilized somewhere else.

NEMT Features 

NEMT dispatch software features add value to the paratransit billing operations by Efficient, Effective, Affordable, and easy-to-use features. Reduce billing cost and Easy enough to keep your billing and revenue in-house. We offer Improved NEMT billing, Improve cash flow and Timely Payment. In case of any issues, provides Faster reimbursement and Denied claims management.

Its modules for billing are very efficient. The Billing Software helps to customize all the details of your invoices. It also automates invoices as well as saves history for each bill. Also, it supports the retention of customers via quick interaction with customers, which enhances the service quality and improves the volume of customers for the business.


Generally, non-emergency patients, senior citizens, and rural residents benefit from non-emergency medical transit. People in need of physical therapy, chemotherapy, and others use this service. The patients need regular medical check-ups and have to meet medical appointments. For-example, moving patients from one hospital to another. In rural regions, the availability of transportation is often limited. Therefore, Software is very useful to them.

The patient interface is where you can enter the patient details. You can inquire about us on the number provided or drop a mail on the given mail id. Kindly reach us at the given number, For any additional information, or connect with our client representative.