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Cloud migration benefits the application by opening a new horizon for high-level architecture applications that capture and process data in real-time. A smooth cloud migration experience and hassle-free post-migration efficiency are assured by properly implemented cloud migration strategies. Cloud migration, in the simplest of words, includes the process of transferring an organisation's related business data, software, and other essential elements from its desktops and servers to the cloud. Based on their area of specialisation, this phase can often often include transferring data between various cloud environments like azure cloud migration offered by different service providers.

1. Scalable Resources 

The most obvious advantage of cloud migration is the inherent functionality of versatile server services. This is the key reason why applications requiring varying amounts of server resources opt for flexible server solutions provided by cloud hosting solutions. 

2. Cost Reduction 

Every company is searching for cost-effective ways to stay successful in an age where competition has become fierce. 

Azure cloud consulting helps organisations minimise both operating and capital costs simply because of the pay-as-you-go billing model that is perfect for enterprises that will only have to pay for the services their server consumes. 

3. Mobility 

Because a cloud service is available from anywhere, like no other, users enjoy the flexibility of access and ease of use. The IP whitelisting function guarantees the user's permission to access the server, regardless of the computer, from any part of the world. In all PaaS cloud services, such as Cloud ways, this feature is commonly available. 

4. Automation 

Keeping the backend server APIs updated is a known cloud migration problem. When it comes to cloud migration (managed), the application management team does not have to think about upgrading the API and application. 

5. Flexible Operations 

A cloud solution enables companies to rapidly deploy applications and test them across the cloud.

The development teams can deploy the applications through automated deployment options instead of manually using the app, without worrying about compatibility and performance issues. 

6. Secure Storage Options 

Because of the extremely safe storage that is accessible at a very affordable operating expense, organisations tend to go for cloud migration. Besides, the room can be easily scaled up or down without affecting the use of the application when the need arises. For companies with seasonal or periodic needs for data storage, this is an excellent feature.