user123 12/10 '20 posted

It is essential to choose the best frameworks for your project. If you're building a cross-platform application, the main competitors are Flutter and React Native. We'll compare them according to different criteria so that you can select the best option for you. 

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AkshitRana 7/2 '21 answered

Considering the current mobile market, Android and iOS are the two popular platforms winning the stage. Any business looking for expansion is seeking mobile app development for both of the mobile platforms. Gone are the days when developers need to exploit Android and iOS SDK separately to build applications. The cross-platform programming language is the new approach where a single codebase can work for both Android and iOS devices. That means developers need to code less, applications can be released faster and on a lower budget.

In this article, I shall perform a features review of two dominating cross-platform technologies, i.e., Flutter VS React Native. Additively, there will be a comparative analysis of two which will help you to choose the best technology in 2021.

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