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COVID 19 has disrupted businesses across multiple verticals. These days, outstaffing is viewed as the most ideal decision for businesses of all sorts to enlist new digital advancements or modernize existing technical solutions. Hiring a dedicated development team with the help of a software development outsourcing company is always a successful outstaffing alternative that causes organizations to lessen advancement costs, make the procedure quicker and get the best narrow area specialists for their projects. This has forced them to opt for dedicated team support models to address the urgent need to deliver support to their teams and customers. The dedicated development team model means that a company hires and successfully cooperates with remote employees to bring its project idea to life. Many companies have started implementing different models of dedicated teams for their project. As the need to address their client demands remain, organizations must discover ways to help their people, their clients, their suppliers and align with the advancing demand by distinguishing better approaches of delivering business solutions. Offshore technology organizations offer quick answers to customer challenges that are done cost-effectively and don't compromise on quality.  

In a survey by Deloitte to comprehend outsourcing patterns, the essential purpose for businesses to outsource software development included: 


  1. Cost effectiveness – 65% companies said remote software development teams were not as costly. 

  2. Concentrate on core business objectives– 57% of companies state outsourcing empowers them to readily focus and align internal resources to work towards core business objectives. 

  3. Capacity issues – 47% of companies said outsourcing cloud-based IT development helped them settle their capacity issues. 

Businesses that face budgetary challenges owing to COVID 19 and are compelled to revamp their business plans of action will depend on dedicated development teams for these very reasons and more. Development with a dedicated team is affordable. Average pay for a software developer in the US today is $130,000. When you hire a dedicated team to carry out the responsibility, you get skilled specialists in multiple skill sets, who would solely work on your projects during the hour of commitment for a fraction of this expense. Another upside, you need not bother about paying for benefits, sick days, training and more. A dedicated IT team keeps its resources updated on the latest products and technologies used as they work on your project. This guarantees projects are finished in highest quality.