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 7/20 '20 posted

Top 10 Programming Courses To Learn Online In This Pandemic Situation

It is the right time to make yourself industry-ready professionals!

Job seekers have always lack of time to learn the latest courses. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made all the people stay at their homes. If you are enthusiastic to learn various programming languages ???????? and want to earn lucrative job titles with high pays, then this is the right time.

Invest this free time to learn new courses online as there are myriad online learning providers who provide free / paid certification upon completion of the course.

Get certified in various courses of your interest as having advanced skills make you stand tall in this steep competition.

Read on to know the top 10 programming languages ???????? to learn in 2020.

  1. Node.js
  2. AngularJS
  3. ReactJS
  4. Android
  5. Kotlin
  6. iOS-Swift
  7. Java
  8. PHP
  9. Python
  10. ASP.NET


  1. Node.js - a stand-alone language across the entire stack!

    No need to learn separate coding for the server-side and client-side. This language serves both functionalities as it lets you write JavaScript for both ends. And it allows you to build applications from simple to complex without complexity in the code. That's why it is considered as one of the top 10 programming courses to learn. Its use not only limited to web applications but you can also develop IoT projects

    The non-blocking event-driven nature makes node.js helps to build highly scalable applications. Learn it online to become a full-stack engineer.

  2. AngularJS - Creates single-page applications!

    No such framework has the capability to provide such SPAs with good speed and better performance. This JavaScript framework helps you develop web apps and mobile apps.

    Be certified in Angular 6 programming courses online, the successor of Angular Js that help you understand components, directives, HTTP access, routings, etc. It gives more control over web applications. The cross-platform compatibility and built-in integration in other frameworks such as Ionic, Kendo UI, Wijmo, etc. rise its popularity among all other languages.

  3.  ReactJS - Build interactive UIs!

    Want to build interactive UIs ?. Start learning ReactJS that let you built any type of web application. It is lightweight and one of the easy to learn programming courses for beginners. If you are adept at JavaScript, it takes no time to learn react.js.

    This SEO-friendly JavaScript is faster to develop and scalable as you can develop various parts of the web applications separately and reuse them wherever you want. Though it changes frequently, it doesn't change its APIs frequently. Many big giants prefer their front-end written with React because of its Virtual DOM.

  4. Android - Evergreen option for native apps development

    It is one of the most sought-after programming courses to learn at home. Its open-source code let you make what you want as you can work in a reputed company or work as a freelancer. With the knowledge of the Android platform, one can easily build apps for other operating systems.

    This native mobile development framework has a good learning curve and to adept at app development, you need to learn Java and XML. It is evergreen because some of the applications require native development though there are various on-demand cross-platform SDKs such as Flutter.

  5. Kotlin - makes Android development more powerful 

    It is similar to Java programming, concise, easy to understand, and learn if you already knew Java. You can write Kotlin on any Java IDE. With its interoperability and tool-friendly nature, it has become the first choice to build Android applications in no time since its inception.

    With Kotlin, you can develop mobile apps, game apps, microservices, and Machine Learning. In online courses, you will be taught this open-source language with examples and tutorials. 

  6. iOS-Swift: Safe, reliable, and faster mobile app development

    iOS-swift programming courses online are useful if you want to become a pro in iOS developmentThis open-source language comes with modern programming features with which you can develop third-party tools and frameworks. If you have profound knowledge on it, you can choose a job or earn money as a freelancer.

    It is zero to less prone to errors and integrates with memory management. Many job aspirants choose iOS11 and Xcode9 course in which you can learn a complete swift 4 and objective-C. You can also build iOS apps with Swift-5 that is compatible with Swift 4.

  7. Java - Create all-around applications 

    There are many JavaScript programming courses for beginners and advanced Java programming courses for those who have already had the basic knowledge of it. This platform-independent programming language is old yet powerful because of its rich set of APIs.

    It is the popular choice for most web developers as it supported by most of the applications. If you learn this object-oriented programming language, you can develop Java core-based server-side applications. Moreover, having knowledge in Java help you learn many other languages ?? at ease.

  8. PHP - Create fast and secure dynamic pages 

    PHP for beginners, PHP with MySQL, and advanced PHP are various programming courses to learn at home. Web developers can develop user-friendly dynamic and complex web applications with PHP.

    This platform-independent language supports all types of databases - ODBC, MySQL, SQLite. It is easy to learn because it has no complexity in the code. You can develop a complete web page using a single PHP file. With a year of experience in PHP, web developers will get a myriad of opportunities in MNCs.

  9. Python - High-level & Interpreted language 

    Python programming, python scripting, python DJANGO are the three popular online courses for tech savvies. If you certified in Python, you can build websites, desktop GUI applications, and web apps.

    Visualization and data analysis features let you present more appealing data and develop custom big data solutions without hassles. Furthermore, this scripting language is widely used in scientific computing and has amazing libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow that lets you develop AI and NLP related solutions.

  10. ASP.NET - Create fast and scalable dynamic webpages 

    Last but not least, ASP.NET is a back-end web application framework and a successor of the .NET framework. With the combination of ASP.NET, .NET, and C #, you can create dynamic web applications and web services. You can create your own libraries and ASP.NET with HTML lets you create dynamic webpages.


Why wait? Kickstart your career by mastering one of the courses from the top 10 programming languages ?????? to learn in 2020.

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