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 3/17 '20 posted

Online Reputation Management - An Introduction:

A lot of our purchasing decisions depend on our brand recall factor. We are influenced by various advertisements both offline and online when we decide to buy a product or use a service. Brand recall, a major factor in the success of a company, is largely influenced by what is called reputation management. In today’s internet-driven world, online reputation management is considered an important component while planning marketing and branding strategies by companies. Following a well-designed Online Reputation Management guide becomes a key factor to push a company onto the path of success. 

In this comprehensive guide to Online Reputation Management, we will cover a few essential topics:

  • What is Reputation Management
  • What is Online Reputation Management
  • Why is Online Reputation Management necessary?
  • What is the significance of Online Reputation Management?
  • What is Online Reputation Management Business?
  • What key factors are to be considered while starting an Online Reputation Management Business
  • Basic functions of an Online Reputation Management Business
  • How to improve Online Reputation Management?
  • What is Corporate Reputation Management and why it is necessary
  • How much does Online Reputation Management cost?

Reputation management:

While internet services are a boon in a thousand ways, the same vehicle can also be used by disgruntled elements to tarnish reputation remorselessly. Negating the impact of such wilful acts by correctly proposing the facts and propagating a true picture of a product/service/company/celebrity is essential for a sustained growth. This process of projecting facts and opinions is usually referred to as Reputation management. Through reputation management, a company strives to position a positive image of the company, brand, product and/or service in the consumer’s mind. Reputation management is the process through which a company can monitor its reputation, address feedback, and complaints, provide redressal and ensure that there is no negative impact on its reputation.