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소셜 뉴스 서비스 Digg. 한때 3억불을 호가하던 이 서비스가 도합 1600만불에 매각되었습니다.
그것도 사실상 조각조각.. 워싱턴포스트, 링크드인, 베타웍스에 분할매각되었네요..

2006년 1월, 3000만불.  Yahoo!
“Rumors… we are focused on features, not selling the company.” in a comment (#64) to the story on Digg. I have no direct information on this, but Kevin certainly did not deny it in his comment. Of course, it could just be bloggers stirring up trouble again. Rumored price is the $30 million range.
Digg Acquisition Rumors [techcrunch.com]

2006년 10월, 1억5000만불. News Corp.
Digg has been in recent acquisition discussions with a number of companies, including News Corp., according to multiple sources close to the negotiations. However, the company was unable to land an offer in the price range they’re looking for – at least $150 million – and will likely close a Series B round of financing instead.

2008년 3월, 2억~ 2억2500만불, Google, 
                         3억불 , Allen & Co.
                         2억불 이하, Microsoft
 And Google and Microsoft are on the verge of making their bids. Digg is prepared to take less than the $300 million Allen & Co. were floating late last year. Google, our source says, will likely bid $200-$225 million, which Digg would likely accept. 

2008년 7월, 2억불. Google
Google’s on and off negotiations with Digg have been back on in a big way for the last six weeks, we’ve heard from multiple sources inside and outside of Google. The two companies have reportedly signed a letter of intent and are close to a deal that will bring Digg under the Google News property. The acquisition price is in the $200 million range, says one source.

2012년 7월..
                  WP 1200만불 + LinkedIn 375만~400만불 +  베타웍스 50만불 = 총액 약 1600만불 

Washington Post ended up paying $12 million for the Digg team and around the same period career social network LinkedIn paid between $3.75 million and $4 million for around 15 different Digg patents including the patent on “click a button to vote up a story.” Betaworks picked up all the remaining assets today, including the domain, code, data and all the traffic for between $500k and $725k

goodhyun 7/15 '12 answered
Stripped of any institutional sense of editorial ethics, many Digg power users ended up promoting all kinds of crap along with good stories from legitimate writers and sites. Meanwhile, everyday users were realizing that nothing they submitted ever even had a chance in hell of going to the front page.
결국 커뮤니티가 마음 상하지 않게 하는 것이 중요하다는 레슨을 이 기사는 알려주고 있습니다. 

비단 SNS뿐만 아니라...

Michael Hwang
커뮤니티 화 되지 않는 미디어 는 모두 사라질 것이다
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결국 모든 브랜드는 지속적인 소비자 노출이 필요하고 이는 가상의 커뮤니티인 것 같다. 따라서 그 존재감을 유지하기 위한 커뮤니티가 지속성을 갖지 못한다면 미디어는 단지 많은 CP중의 하나가 될뿐이므로 존재감을 찾기 어려울 것 같다. 2012/6/25 11:02 오전
너무 추상적인데요... 2012/6/25 11:04 오전
좀 더 자세히 이유를 알고 싶네요^^ 2012/6/25 2:04 오후

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